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Telehealth sessions are held using a HIPAA-compliant video calling platform. 

Please speak with the office about which therapists have availability for new clients, and check with your insurance about coverage for telehealth visits.

Samantha Cook, MS, LLP 


Samantha has a Master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She has experience working with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, and health concerns. Samantha has a passion for psychoeducation and helping each client expand their coping skills to better address various stressors in their lives. Samantha has an integrative approach and uses cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques to collaborate with the client to address their individual needs.  She sees clients via telehealth at this time. 

Andrea Golden, LMSW

Andrea completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Michigan State University and received a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University.  As a Licensed Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist with a 30-year career, she works with clients to empower them to create a better quality of life. Andrea combines her formal education, extensive experience, and passion to support clients struggling with many concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment, mood disorders, self-esteem, confidence, aging, weight, infertility, pain, eating disorders, and chronic illness. She is experienced in utilizing evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Humanistic-Strength therapy approaches, combined with personalizing treatment to client's needs to help them achieve the individual growth they deserve. Working with Andrea, you can expect a warm and caring relationship in a nonjudgmental, confidential atmosphere. She is committed to helping clients develop their skills on their journey to uncover new, healthier ways to release emotional blocks and cope with life's many challenges. Andrea sees adults, adolescents. children, families, and couples out of Dearborn Parklane and Telehealth. 

JoAnne Halaweh, MS, LMSW


JoAnne is a fully licensed clinical social worker who earned her Master's degree from Wayne State University. Her background in biological sciences and health psychology allows her to implement an integrated and holistic approach to treatment. JoAnne utilizes cognitive-behavioral and client-centered techniques to help clients achieve their individualized goals. She specializes in working with women, children, families, and couples. JoAnne creates a warm and nonjudgmental space to help clients successfully navigate through life’s stressors and overcome challenges to lead healthier lives. She is currently accepting clients for telehealth services.

Brook McKay, MA, LLP

Brook holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy and a degree in Music Therapy. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples experiencing relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and significant life changes. While Brook treats a wide range of issues, she specializes in couples therapy. Brook's therapeutic approach is as unique as each of her clients who make the proactive decision to receive professional support. Currently, she exclusively sees clients via telehealth.

Sara Pierce, MS, TLLP


Sara has a Master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Michigan - Dearborn. She utilizes different therapeutic modalities to help adults struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, emotional disturbances, health concerns, negative body image, relationship issues, and experiencing difficulties while transitioning into new stages in their personal, academic, or professional lives. She provides a non-judgmental and safe space for clients to focus on their values and achieve their life goals. Sara also works with Hispanic clients and a variety of cultural backgrounds. She provides therapy via telehealth in both English and Spanish.

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