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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and learning disorder evaluations


The psychological testing process usually involves 3 appointments:


Appointment #1: Clinical interview

The clinician will discuss client's background, symptomology, and history


Appointment #2: Testing Appointment

The clinician will administer intelligence measures, achievement measures, and emotional/behavioral report forms from parent, teachers, and/or self report. A second session of testing may be needed.


Appointment #3: Feedback Appointment

The clinician and client will meet to discuss the results of the psychological assessment, review the detailed recommendations for care, and answer any further questions.


How much will an ADHD evaluation cost?


The total cost of an evaluation will vary based on your insurance coverage. Please note that some policies do not cover ADHD evaluations and you are responsible for any costs your insurance does not pay. Give our office a call for more information!

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